Our Development Officers are all women.

People and planet are at the heart of our purposeful story. And it all begins with a woman.

Women are the centre of a home. They work hard not only in their households, but in the workforce too, as making ends meet also falls on their shoulders.

Empowering women through women. Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited (PCCL) operates on this philosophy, using sustainable microfinance solutions. Based on sustainable development, we strive to contribute to socioeconomic progress in Sri Lanka by empowering women in rural parts of the country to generate an income and become economically self-sufficient.

We don’t stop there.

By empowering the woman in the home, we strengthen their family. Women in a family unit and family-run businesses are our main target group. Our development officers, all women, identify women in rural parts of Sri Lanka who do not qualify for traditional banking services. When we finance a woman, the micro, small or medium enterprise (MSME) loans we provide are analysed under various criteria, including health, hygiene, the business’ environmental impact, and access to education.

PCCL team in Singapore for the AREA CSR Summit.

They receive an initial capital of LKR 25,000-100,000 to start a small business of their choosing. Once they start generating a healthy income, they gradually pay back the loan. The women set up small businesses in the agriculture, pottery, weaving, and livestock farming industries, among others.

We also created Islamic Microfinance solutions that comply with Shari’ah Law to help economically vulnerable Muslim families to develop their livelihoods.

None of this would be possible without our colleagues. We offer them a qualification in microfinance, and build their capacity through training programmes, including training overseas and exposure visits. Our field staff receive life insurance, motor cycles, fuel, uniforms, mobile phone facilities and training.

To do what we do for people, we need the planet. In addition to financing MSME projects that have a positive environmental impact, we distribute a plant with each loan we give, and closely monitor the outcome. We have also launched a number of green microfinance initiatives.

Managing Director distributing  plants to first time borrowers to start a home garden.

Development Officers on their bike having a chat with one of our women entrepreneurs in Jaffna, Sri Lanka


To create an opportunity for the rural people of Sri Lanka to achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose.


To build a human force to develop living standards of families by providing productive socioeconomics opportunities.